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ERP Implementation

Cloud ERP Solution for Your Business

Implementing ERP in right way is the key to successful business. A successful ERP implementation solely depends on the implementation partner you choose for your work.

Ingenuity Info is an exponent in Cloud ERP and has long period of experience for more than 8+ years in Cloud ERP implementation, ERP integration, ERP support and maintenance, ERP customization and ERP migration. 

Additionally, Ingenuity Info in-house highly skilled developers and designers with rich knowledge of programming dialects. We offer a complete and comprehensive ERP implementation support to our client base.

Business Industries we serve

Ingenuity Info have provided an array of Cloud ERP implementation services and covered all the major industries like trading, manufacturing, e-commerce, accounts and finance etc. 
We have implemented numerous successful projects for our valued clients in countries across Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. This has given us the skills and expertise to deliver every project with supreme ease, no matter how big or small they are.

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E-commerce & Website

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ERP Customization

Our Customization Process

Customization provides that personalized experience in an application focusing on the client’s requirements and ideas.
We deliver high end customization services so that customers get the full benefit of using their application, there by achieving the business goals. Our technical team assist you to achieve your all desired needs.

Requirement Gathering

Feasibility Study
GAP Analysis


Customer Approval



ERP Integration

We will provide and Cloud ERP business management solution operating as the single solution for all your business functions will transform the aspects of the company from good to better.
Our Cloud ERP supports in the complete transformation of business in operations of all parts of your business from product procurement to sales, recruitment to payroll management, manufacturing to repairs, Inventory management to logistic operation, Invoicing to accounting management it will acts like the one in all solution for your business.

Integrating your Business with distinctive Cloud ERP modules or ERP apps and with other third-party applications is vital as it ;

 Supports the use of day to day applications 

 Easiness in business operation

Complete control of your business

Various dignified tools supporting your business

Widespread reachability and larger customer basis

ERP Migration

The ERP migration allows the users to upgrade to the new version which is better, faster, and more reliable than the previous one. 

We continuously upgrade our Cloud ERP with new versions, inculcating advanced operations. and adding new features that will help to run the business more effectively. 

Therefore this would be beneficial for the user as it will improve the productivity of the company. In addition the migration will result in less time consumption ERP operations, simplification in operations terminologies, and additionally with integration from the advancement in the company operations.

ERP Support & Maintenance

Why do you need Odoo ERP Support?

Enterprise and resource planning software is a business management solution that requires the constant support of the implementation partners or the service providers. 
This is because while using ERPs if you do not follow the best procedures defined the functioning may end up with an error. In addition, there are chances of unpredictable errors which cannot be rectified without the expertise of the service providers.

Why is Ingenuity Info the Best in ERP Support?

Ingenuity Info, the leading partner stands out in providing ERP Customer Support. This is because firstly, we have defined a variety of support packages for you to choose from. 
Moreover, their packages are described based on the support incidence that occurs in ERP. The packages also include bug-fixing services as per the requirements.

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Hire Developers

Ingenuity Info offers skilled & certified Cloud ERP developers with deep technical and functional knowledge. 

Our industry-expert developers provide comprehensive services across all domains, including Implementation, Customization, Support, Training, Integration, Migration, and App creation. Gain full control and efficiency by hiring Ingenuity Info's ERP developers for both short and long-term projects. 

Simplify and enhance your business with the best Cloud ERP developers in town. 

Hiring Request

Agreement Signing

Resource Allocation


Assign Task


Consulting Services

Why ERP Consulting?

We Ingenuity Info commits to deliver the exact rules and regulation to execute or to implement Cloud ERP in your Business. We serve both Functional and Technical Consulting which will help you to fix the issues and run all your business operations with in the given time frame.

ERP Functional & Technical Consultations

We Ingenuity Info with our 8+ years of experience on the platform provide you with consultation services to constantly improve the business of our customers. 

As our team of staff is experts in the field will leverage their skills and abilities available to design and configure the platform to be more user-friendly to its users. With our previous experience, we have strong knowledge in the operations of any sector of industries and understand the business flow, and are equipped with solution options to overcome challenges during the operations as well as integration.

We are capable of designing and developing the platform as per your company's needs and requirements. We can nullify the gap in the ERP platform operations with the functioning of the business. Our consultants have detailed knowledge of coding, capable of module creation for user applications, and modify them as per the requirements. Additionally, we conduct tests for the reliability and operational capabilities of the developed platform.

     Requirement analysis

      Improve your business operations

      Customised mapping


      Quality assurance

      Modifications on the operational aspects

      Feasibility analysis

      Hassle free implementation

      Support and training


Functional and Technical Training

By taking the initiative, we are providing training to anyone so that you can have the best understanding of ERP frameworks and modules both functionally and technically. We have a team of ERP experts and professional ERP developers who will help to get a better understanding of Cloud ERP.

As there are many ERPs available in the market sometimes it happens that you may stuck somewhere to manage or configure the desired ERP in that case our experts will help to resolve the issue either at your place or at our office and more on that we also offer Odoo Online Training to our clients so that they can save their time and money.


Any Cloud ERP requires dedicated planning, development, implementation, and hosting for effectiveness in operation. The hosting of ERP is available in various aspects based on the mode, medium, and edition. 

Importance of choosing the best hosting

   Hosting will depend on the performance of the platform and faster response times.

   Choose a cost-efficient solution as the cost of hosting will be added to the pricing of Cloud ERP.
   Right hosting will add to the quality of support.
   The right hosting provider will be able to upgrade the service as per the operational need.

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